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We’re prone to looking back on ‘the good ol’ days’-

reminiscing on years gone by

when our lives were ‘better.’

We rarely say, in this moment, that our lives are ‘good.’

It’s always; ‘remember X.’

‘Can you remember how happy we were then.’

Always ‘then’, never ‘now.’

Oblivious to the fact that, everything we look back on with such fond memories,

all of those ‘then’s’ that we speak of,

they were all once ‘now’s.’

Every memory was once ‘today.’

So maybe, just maybe, today is good enough.

A day that, in the future, you’ll reflect back on and think;

‘yeah, life was good then.’

Maybe today is as good as it’s gonna get, who knows?

Life is unpredictable and chaotic and messy at times

but, it’s also beautiful, and full of so much goodness and miracles that, unknowingly, happen every single day,

every single hour,

every single minute,

every single second.

Right now.

Today, 385,000 babies will be born.

Today, 115,000 people will get married.

Today, 150,000 people will die.

Life is so inherently precious.

Today is so inherently precious…

So, this is your reminder to stay in the present.

Right now is all you’ve got


right now is beautiful.

Don’t let it pass you by

only to look back in the future with regret

for all the missed opportunities.

Live your life with appreciation,

& gratitude,

carrying with you in your heart the knowledge that, simply for being here today, alive, is a miracle

when, the odds of you being born were just one in 400 trillion and yet, here you are,


~ Magic.

'the good ol' days'


  1. Well said.

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