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I’ve been asked where I find inspiration for writing from,

how I find enough material to write about every single day.

Without being too irritating with the answer I’m about to give, I find inspiration literally everywhere, and in everything/everyone.

Because, to be a writer, one must have a sense of wonder towards the world around them, seeking to find meaning in the ordinary…

I find inspiration in people I pass on the street,

in conversations I overhear,

in TV shows I watch,

in books I read,

in music I listen to…

There is inspiration to be found everywhere

if only you open your eyes,

open your mind

to the world around you.

You might just be surprised by what you find…

The best advice I can give then?

Read books,

go on walks,

listen to music.

You don’t need to have the literary knowledge of William Shakespeare,

or the brains of Albert Einstein to be a great writer.

Your uniqueness is what makes your writing worthwhile,

your individual perspective of what this-


is all about…

So, pick up your pen

and write.

You might just inspire someone else to do the same.

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