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Something that baffles me

is homophobia.

What are people scared of?

Their own house?

Not just homophobia, but any type of ‘fascism’, really.






anything that aims to put marginalised groups down to benefit the masses,

I just don’t get…

Again, what are people scared of?

Men who are misogynistic and of the belief that women are somehow ‘inferior’ to men, do they not realise that they came from a woman? That if it wasn’t for women, they wouldn’t even be alive? Do they not realise that their mothers and grandmothers and sisters and aunties are women? The same women who they degrade as essentially being ‘worthless’ for anything unrelated to their physical appearance- Do they feel this way about their family members? Their daughters?

People who are homophobic and/or transphobic, do they not realise that gender is literally nothing other than a societal construct anyway, i.e., that it doesn’t even exist outside of their minds? And, do they not realise that, even if it wasn’t a social construct, it is absolutely none of their business how someone else identifies/who someone decides to have sex with anyway?

People who are racist, do they not realise that we are all one and the same? That, like gender, the idea that we are all separate is nothing more than a construct, an illusion?

Apparently not…

If people were to come to the realisation that we are all one, then there would be no homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, sexism, racism, classism, ANY of it, because it would be universally accepted that our differences are illusionary, that we are all one and the same. But, unfortunately, we are intentionally kept divided because, a society living harmoniously is too much of a threat to a conservative government who thrives from our collective lack of ‘togetherness.’ Why? Because, insecurity sells, and sales equate to profit, profit which is required to uphold capitalism which, surprise surprise, the conservative government, (again- popping up like a bad smell here…), thrives off the back of.

‘People actually valuing each other for more than what they look like?? Sounds too much like a socialist utopia to me’ (not an official quote but, I’m sure something along those lines will have come out of a Tories mouth at some point in parliament)…

Whilst we can’t, as individuals, exactly ‘overhaul’ the government, we can refuse to conform to their attempts at dividing us. We can remain openminded and kind and show people that, it doesn’t matter what supposed ‘differences’ we have/it doesn’t matter how the people in power try to divide us, any ‘differences’ that are there are merely surface-level anyway… Likened to packaging, our differences? They mean nothing. Absolutely nothing… Within though, past all the surface level stuff, we are all the same.

We all have the same beating heart,

the same running blood,

the same remnants of stardust.

Within, we are all one.

So, never forget that, and never EVER let the people who are only interested in acquiring money, (which, by the way, is THE biggest societal construct going but, let them keep chasing their silly little bits of paper), convince you otherwise.

When we are all at one; with the stars and the universe and each other,

there is no need to be scared of your own home

Photo by David Babayan on Unsplash

One response to “Homophobia, Racism, Sexism… What Are People Scared Of?”

  1. Yeah, agreed. Well said.

    This just shows that essentially, such negative and harmful thoughts and sentiments are a part of our innate, natural characteristics; we’re all capable of having such mindsets, particular when we’re deeply insecure.

    Therefore, it’s a matter of how society is structured and developed, such that such negative concepts are firmly nipped in the bud.

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