Portfolio of Hope

person holding baby s hand

From the moment you’re born-

a blanket wrapped bundle being delicately placed into your mothers arms,

to the moment you die-

loved ones crowding round your bedside to say their final goodbye’s,

other people will come and go.

The only constant in your life

will be you.

Remember that.

Next time you find yourself standing in front of your mirror, berating yourself for being;

‘too much’-

too ‘big’,

too ugly’,




‘not enough.’

Not ‘pretty’ enough,

not ‘smart’ enough,

not ‘happy’ enough,

remember that the reflection looking back at you in the mirror that you so often berate, is the very same person that was passed to your mother on the day you were born-

a blanket wrapped bundle being delicately cradled in her arms-

the most precious thing in the world

to her.

And, again as a teenager when you had your first kiss, faces leaning in, lips touching-

the most precious thing in the world

to each other.

You– the most precious thing in the world.

Even if you can’t appreciate how precious you are for yourself, know that, to other people, you are their whole world.

And, if it doesn’t feel that way right now, then know that, there are people who you haven’t even met yet who you will, one day, become their whole world:

future friends,

future lovers,

future kids,

future pets.

One day, you will become their reason.

Their reason to keep going during all the times that you know so well;

during all of the ‘what’s the point?’ moments,

all of the ‘I really wish I wasn’t here’ moments.

You will become their reason to get up in the mornings.

Their source of love.

One day, someone will love all the parts of you that you cannot love for yourself.

The thirst for knowledge that you call ‘geekiness’, they will call ‘wisdom.’

The softening skin that you call ‘fat’, they will call ‘beautiful.’

All the parts of you that you think are ‘nothing’-

all the times that you think you are ‘nothing’,

they will think you are everything

the whole world.

Their world.

So, if you struggle to be kind to yourself,

if you struggle to practice self-love, thinking that to do so is ‘selfish’, then, just remember that;

simply for being here today, alive, you are having an impact on the lives of so many people.

And so, really, to look after yourself is the least selfish thing you can do.

To look after yourself so that you can look after them-


Selfless and, an act of rebellion in a society that profits from our self-loathing.

The rebellious teenager in you (and, she is still in there, by the way. As is every past version of you, from birth to now),

would be proud.

You’re so loved, my love.

Never forget it.

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