Portfolio of Hope

girl with backpack near broken car ruins

‘Humanity’ and ‘Human’ are not synonymous words…

When we attach greater importance to fulfilling our selfish desires

than we do to imposing measures to stop all the floods and the wildfires

because they’re

‘happening in some faraway land’,

for which we have the upper hand,

for which,

we can keep on driving our petrol guzzling cars,

ignoring the existence of the man in Pakistan-

flooded house-

trying to secure his home with scraps of metal and iron bars,

we can understand that, there is a difference between ‘humans’ and ‘humanity.’

One is what we are.

The other is what we should have

but that we are


With every war that we see on our screens,

for every time that we turn off the news on TV


we ‘don’t want to think about what it means

to live in a world in which such horrors can take place’,

and yet, we sit by and seemingly tolerate

the abolition of our right to life,

a lack of humanity becoming hauntingly rife


‘if it’s not happening to us then it’s not happening at all.’

The illogical logic.

The ‘humanityless’ humans…

Eyes and ears shut

as we look the other way…

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