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Guest Article Written By Dorothy Watson.

Self-care is a broad term (that includes fitness) and is different for every person. But it’s also something that you don’t need special equipment or a ton of time for.

In practice, self-care at home starts with creating an environment that supports healthier habits. Get started today with these resources from Portfolio of Hope.

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Move Your Body

Getting moving is always healthy, and you can work out at home whether you plan to build out a home workout space or use bodyweight exercises to reach your goals.

⦁ Decide on a workout routine that fits your body and goals.

⦁ Choose exercises that build a strong core you can build on.

Care for Your Body

Physical exertion isn’t the only habit that creates a healthier body. Set aside downtime for gentler self-care habits that help you hit the gym safely.

⦁ Implement a daily stretching routine to keep flexible.

⦁ Use exercise to help alleviate back pain and other aches.

⦁ Know when to see a professional to address chronic pain.

Improve Your Habits

Working on creating better habits can do wonders for your fitness and level up your self-care. It can take time to make a routine into a habit; start here.

⦁ Set yourself up for better health by getting more restful sleep.

⦁ Make sure your living space is free of negative energy.

⦁ Make smarter choices in your day-to-day habits.

⦁ Allow for screen-free downtime to reinvigorate your brain.

Though it’s meant to help you handle the stresses of daily life, self-care can be hard to fit in when you’re busy working and living. Taking the time to rejuvenate and revitalise at home can make all the difference, and these resources can help you start making healthy changes today.

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