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Not to seem like the biggest killjoy, but I feel quite uncomfortable with all the fireworks that are going off this bonfire night, what with all that’s happening in Gaza.

When the UK are being so complicit in what is mass genocide happening right in front of us, the ringing out of fireworks across the nation is, at best insensitive, at worst, a massive kick in the teeth to Palestinians.

Every time I hear the banging of fireworks, I can’t help but think of the thousands of innocent Palestinians who have already died in what is genocide being carried out by Israel, and supported by us- the UK.

I can’t help but think about what’s happening right now in Gaza…

While children in the UK stand in their gardens with sparklers, looking up at the sky, watching the fireworks going off and having fun, children in Gaza are sheltering for their life, identifying the bodies of their parents, watching everything being taken away from them, while we look on and do nothing to stop it.

It just seems really bad timing. If we had any sense of empathy, then, for one, there would’ve been a ceasefire by now, we would’ve made our stance clear- that we condemn what is happening- but, failing that, we would’ve cancelled organised firework displays at the very least.

So, if I am being a ‘killjoy’ in saying this, then so be it, I’m willing to be perceived as such when it comes to this. When it comes to us being complicit in the genocide of thousands of Palestinians whilst we go out celebrating bonfire night, I’ll be the killjoy and say that it’s f****d up…

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