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Since Hamas’ attacks on Southern Israel on the 7th October, Israel has been bombarding Gaza with prolonged air strikes, strikes which have seen more than 9000 people killed, including what is nearing 4000 children.

Saying in their initial pledge that they were going to ‘wipe this thing called Hamas off the face of the Earth’ to justify the ‘war’, Israel’s mission seems to have shifted somewhat…

From ‘justified’ retaliation, to mass genocide

Pushing the narrative that Hamas is a terrorist organisation to condone the air strikes, as residential buildings are bombed, whole neighbourhoods are flattened, and innocent people are killed in their masses, almost 45% of whom are children, such indiscriminate attacks show how Israel have gone from wanting to wipe out Hamas, to wanting to wipe out Palestinian’s by and large…

A war crime (after war crime, after war crime…)


Ethnic cleansing/genocide

in action.

‘Gaza was an open-air prison. Now it is an open-air graveyard.’

Since Israel declared war on Gaza on the 8th October, protests have been taking place across the world as thousands of people want to show that they stand in solidarity with Palestinians. The UK have been no exception to this, with marches having taken place every Saturday since the ‘war’ (ethnic cleansing/genocide) broke out.

In fact, yesterday, (04/11), was the biggest turn out at a march thus far in London, with over 30,000 people coming together to express their horror at, not only what Israel are doing to Gaza, but what we- the UK- are failing to do for Gaza (demand a ceasefire)…

Suella Braverman Hate Marches

The British government are being complicit in what is happening in Gaza by condoning the oppressor (Israel), and thus indirectly contributing to the senseless genocide of Palestinians.

They are also telling us, the British public that, to stand in solidarity with Palestinians, whether through protests/marches, or even just through voicing our opinion on social media, is to stand in solidarity with hate, with terrorism, even.

Suella Braverman Hate Marches…

Suella Braverman has described the demonstrators taking to the streets in support of a ceasefire in Gaza as being involved in “hate marches”.

‘We’ve seen now tens of thousands of people take to the streets following the massacre of Jewish people, the single largest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust, chanting for the erasure of Israel from the map’, Mrs Braverman said.

Yet this ( ^ ) could not be further from the truth…

‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’, Braverman has branded the chant as antisemitic and urged police to take a “zero tolerance approach.’ The reality though is that ‘freedom’ here refers to the fact that Palestinians have been denied the realisation of their right to self-determination since Britain granted the Jews the right to establish a national homeland in Palestine through the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Having essentially been an ‘open air prison’ for decades, what we are actually doing, in standing in solidarity with Palestinians, is standing in solidarity with humanity– with our right to freedom, with our right to liberty.

The protests are peaceful

Out of the 30,000 protestors, 29 people were arrested in London yesterday, this being less than 0.1% of attendees… So, whilst yes, there were some people there for the wrong reasons, to spread hate speech, or, as the met described it, to ‘incite racial hatred’, the vast vast majority of people protesting were not calling for the eradication of Israel, or promoting any acts of terrorism at all. They were, in fact, calling for terrorism to end, for peace to prevail… Something which should not be seen as ‘radical’, nor as ‘promoting terrorism.’ Surely it should be seen as the ‘norm’, something which everyone should be demanding- an immediate ceasefire to prevent anymore innocent lives being lost,

on EITHER side…

The very opposite of ‘promoting terrorism’ or ‘inciting hate’-

we are calling for peace,



The question is;

Why aren’t our government doing the same??

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