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The Double Standards Of Genocide…

If it was happening here…

well, it wouldn’t be



One rich man’s tear

would’ve been enough to have made it stop,

to have Nato come rallying around us

demanding a ceasefire ‘cos

‘You can’t do this, it’s genocide,

and we will not be complicit in looking the other way.’

The hypocrisy of this ( ^ ) when in Gaza

the genocide is nearing its 31st day

and yet, no one has done anything,

no one has been doing anything,

except sitting on the side of the oppressor

as we come together

to be complicit,

to look the other way.

Because, apparently, one rich man’s tear

holds more weight than that of the two million Palestinians

who are living in fear

every single day that this war goes on,

waking up every morning thinking,

‘Will this be the day that we get bombed?’

‘Will this be the day that I have to bury my child?’

‘Will this be the day that we are all exiled?’

When a genocide is happening right in front of our very eyes,

how can we sit by,

doing nothing,

and still get to sleep at night?…

double standards of genocide

One response to “The Double Standards Of Genocide: ‘One Rich Man’s Tear.’”

  1. There is a way and challenge at the same time! Minimum standard for a nation is to have a home, a country. Palestinians don’t.
    One click vote, for the establishment of the Palestinian Country
    Just a humane action
    Spread the word
    Care! Live!

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