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Weaponised and used as a slur by conservatives in their efforts to discredit progressive values/in their dismissal of the ‘woke agenda’/the ‘woke brigade’/’political correctness gone mad’, something which I have noticed a lot over the past few years, is how people on the right are trying to demean people on the left by calling them ‘woke’, as if being ‘woke’ is a bad thing.

But, it’s not.

Where woke simply means ‘awake’, used as a descriptor of people who are well-informed on issues of social injustice and oppression (as Merriam-Webster Dictionary states), how can calling someone ‘woke’ be an insult?

Whilst someone might call you ‘woke’ as an intended insult, you don’t have to receive it as such…

Be proud of your ‘wokeness.’

I, for one, would rather be woke than





Be proud to care about social injustice


human rights


standards of decency.

&, remind yourself that ‘woke’ is an affirmation,

not an insult.

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