Portfolio of Hope is the brainchild of Lisa Raine Fouweather, an Indie Published Queer Writer, Activist & Political Poet from the UK. Her work encourages people to realign with their higher potential, inner light, and soul purpose.

Having developed an interest in writing as a form of advocacy when she found herself in hospital aged 16 with Anorexia, now aged 22 and recovered, Lisa has since then been focusing on writing poetry and has recently been featured on the BBC.

Drawing inspiration from the world around her- believing that we are all one, and that the world is inherently good (as are the people in it), and reflecting on her experiences as a queer, neurodivergent woman from a working-class town, Lisa’s poetry focuses on what it means to be human-beautiful and messy in equal parts. Her longer form pieces are testament to the hope that she, unironically, hopes to spread, with her writing focusing on the things that she feels most passionate towards; LGBTQ+ Rights, Feminism, Mental Health Awareness, Politics, Spirituality…

A hub for all things positivity, an agent of change (and now a Community Interest Company!), Portfolio of Hope is on a mission to get more people talking about the stuff that really matters in a society gone wrong… because, messages of hope shouldn’t be so hard to find.


Submissions are very welcome on anything social justice related. If you want to contribute, look at what’s already on the site and try and shape your material to fit with our broad aims. Send to lisafouweather@hotmail.co.uk.

Our published material is all original work. Feel free to link to or copy our articles, but please email us for permission first. All republished work should attribute the author, publication and date.