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‘You do realise that Nazi Germany was all about socialism? Which leads me to believe that you are either brainwashed, unintelligent, or have a political position of power??? Pick one…’

(^) a comment on a piece I wrote last week surrounding capitalism being the source of much of societies collective dismay. A lot to unpack in that comment, so I thought I’d write a post to address it directly. Because, whilst it’s true that ‘Nazi’ stands for ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’, the idea that Hitler was a socialist, Nazi Germany a socialist country, completely misreads what socialism is all about…

What Is Socialism?

The basic meaning of socialism is an economic system in which ‘means of production and exchange (businesses) are owned and regulated by the community.’ It constitutes a set of beliefs that states that all people are equal and should share equally in a country’s money.

‘Socialists’ then are simply people who hold such a set of beliefs whereby the need for equality is what they base their moral compass on.

Was Hitler A Socialist?

Hitler was not a socialist, he was a far right extremist dictator, and Nazi Germany was the utopia he created under the false pretence of socialism- false because, it was as far away from socialism as something could possibly be.


How can someone who believes that Jews are inferior by virtue of their race, be a socialist?

Socialists deplore hierarchy and exploitation, something which the Nazi Party was founded on (Hitler practiced racist genocide)…

How can someone who holds an anti-communist ideology, be a socialist?

Socialists believe that there shouldn’t be a small caste of people who own and control everything, and a large majority of people who must sell their labour to the powerful (the Nazi Party was ruled by Hitler who wanted to own and control everything)…

(Hint: they can’t).

Instead of controlling the means of production or redistributing wealth to build a utopian society, which is what socialism is actually about, the Nazis focused on safeguarding a social and racial hierarchy, whilst using propaganda* claiming to be socialist in a bid to appeal to the working class…

*(Propaganda which Hitler swiftly discarded once he achieved power).

The reality is that Hitler’s agenda was not equal in the slightest, but entirely focused on racism and antisemitism. Even the Holocaust was related to economic considerations. How so? Because, in Nazi ideology, Jews were seen as ‘the ultimate obstacle to capitalism’-

‘lazy’ and having ‘contributed little to world civilisation.’

This is also why people with physical, mental, and psychological disabilities were ordered to be killed- to rid society of people who were considered a ‘burden’ to the economy…

Furthermore, Jews were also considered ‘the backbone of Marxism’ (Hitler claimed that 75% of all Communists were Jews), and the Nazis construed Marxism (social democracy and the protection of basic workers’ rights) as an essentially Jewish conspiracy against the capitalist economy — and thus against the natural order… This consideration was evident in Mein Kampf, Hitler’s autobiography, in which he stated that his antisemitic world view was finally formed the moment he realised that

‘the Jews were the masterminds of social democracy.’

Such distaste towards democracy saw Hitler executing socialists and communists en masse. The Communist Party and Social Democratic Party of Germany were banned in 1933. Many SPD members were arrested (in 1936, more than 11,000 Germans were arrested for ‘illegal socialist activity’), sent to concentration camps, or exiled. The first concentration camp in Dachau, built-in 1933, held the Nazi’s opponents- socialists and leftists- exclusively.

Still think the Nazi’s were a socialist party?…

‘Socialist’ by name maybe but, most definitely not socialist by nature, not by any stretch of the imagination…




Irrefutably not

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