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Important Note: I am Pro-Palestine NOT Anti-Semitic.

The US has warned the Israeli government not to reoccupy Gaza. What will happen if they do, as is clearly their plan? Nothing. They, we, will do nothing, as we have been doing [nothing], siding with the oppressor, for decades.

People who have condemned the oppressor, such as ex labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, have been publicly condemned for doing so, labelled as being ‘anti-sematic.’

What I am questioning is why, when Corbyn expressed his support for Palestine was he deemed ‘anti semitic’, but when Kier Starmer, Rishi Sunak, Joe Biden, express their support for Israel (who have already killed 10,000 Palestinian’s) are they not deemed to be Islamophobic?

Apartheid in action?…

Kier Starmer, current Labour leader (& a former human rights lawyer, by the way), has been the source of much controversy recently surrounding his comments last month on Israel’s ‘right to withhold electricity and water from civilians in Gaza’, and his ongoing refusal to back a ceasefire in Palestine, calling instead for a ‘humanitarian pause.’

Starmer has been claiming that Hamas killed Israelis because they were Jews.

This ( ^ ) is a dangerous, and wholly untrue, narrative to push.


Because, as is the title of this post;

I hate Israel for what they’re doing to Gaza, I don’t hate Jewish people… In the same way that I hate Nazi Germany for what they did to Jewish people, I don’t hate German people per se.

Because, what’s happening in the Middle East isn’t a religious issue, not really, it’s a human rights issue. It’s about standing up against (or, as the Western world are doing) being complicit towards, evil and exploitation-

the basic right to live, yet one that Palestinians have been denied for decades under Israel’s oppression and domination which has seen Palestinian’s being forcibly expelled from their homeland, attacked, massacred, even, all at the hands of the Israeli government.

This ( ^ ) being something which former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn agrees with, saying ‘all attacks are wrong’ and repeating his calls for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. ‘Which, of course, is fundamentally the background to the whole issue [not religion].’

The blockade of Gaza since 2007 has resulted in almost two million people living in what is widely described as the “world’s largest open air prison”.

Whether right or wrong, Hamas killed Israelis because they are freedom fighters- resisting against the occupation of Palestine, breaking from their open-air prison for the first time to partake in an act of liberation against Zionism and the imperialism that defends it.

Where is the proof of babies being beheaded, as all the major news outlets were reporting? We’ve seen evidence of the atrocities in Gaza at the hands of Israel, so where is the evidence of it in Israel at the hands of Hamas?

Hamas captured people, but they have released photos that show the captured are being looked after, as in the image shown below, a girl is having her gunshot wounds treated. If Hamas were a terrorist organisation, they wouldn’t be doing this- they’d all be dead.


What Hamas want is a prisoner exchange. They will release Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian hostages. A form of bargaining power, the only thing they’ve got, really, against the Israeli ruling class.

As for the people they did kill (over 1400 people were murdered by Hamas in October, VS over 10,000 people killed by Israel), unfortunately, when Palestinian’s have been demanding freedom for decades and no one has been listening, what choice did they have but to do something drastic?

Peace talks failed, so what else was there to do?

‘Turning resistance into a socialist revolution that can topple a system that creates unimaginable levels of brutality and violence is the only way to win complete change.’

Hamas, and Palestinians as a whole are people who have been let down by a world that fails to secure their rights, people whose land continues to suffer one of the worst types of occupation in this world. The conflict is not about Palestinians being against Jews, it’s about Palestinian’s being against having their human rights stripped from them…

During an age of unprecedented political division, experts have warned that,

So, who are the real terrorists here? …

Israel tell us that it’s Hamas but, as the famous quote (attributed to Winston Churchill) goes;

Because, up until now, Israel are winning– they have control over Palestine- Israel have been controlling the narrative. As the ‘victors’, Israel have been shaping public opinion by justifying their actions and vilifying those of their opponents (Palestinian’s), telling the world that they are the victims of Hamas, when it is in fact Palestinians (for whom Hamas are fighting for), who are the real victims [of Israel]…

But, the truth is out there, you can read what actually happened, the real history, here.

Palestine ended up paying for Europe’s crimes

Could history give us the answer as to why we are continuing to offer our steadfast support to Israel, despite the fact that they are breaking war crimes




(Because, the British promised Palestine to the Arabs in 1914, in return for their support in the war)…

If you’re still confused about what’s going on/don’t know who to trust, then I’d encourage you to take this free course provided by the incredible charity/human rights organisation that is Amnesty International.

Educate yourself.

Use your mind to use your voice to be a force for good in a society gone wrong.



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